You Don’t Want to Miss This: Magic Kingdom

DSCN5461   I am often asked “What should I make sure I don’t miss on my first trip to Magic Kingdom?” With so many rides, attractions, shows, and architectural eye-candy, it is easy to end up wandering aimlessly. There are many other things you have GOT to see!  Here is my short list of “Don’t Miss” for Magic Kingdom first-timers.

5. Nooks and Crannies
Magic Kingdom is full of quiet corners and unique off-beat spaces. One of my favorites is on the right hand side of Main Street U.S.A. As you walk toward Cinderella Castle, you’ll see an alleyway on the right. If you walk to the end, there are chairs and flower boxes amid other carefully appointed exterior decorations. Take a minute to sit on a bench or in a chair, and just listen! You’ll hear dance and singing lessons taking place upstairs!
Another great spot is the long walk to Tomorrowland from New Fantasyland. This long walkway meanders by the Tomorrowland Speedway and the train. Another don’t miss is the wishing well to the right of Cinderella Castle. It is often overlooked as passersby hurry to get to Tomorrowland.
4. Cinderella’s Fountain
Take a moment to stroll by this fountain in Fantasyland. From a child’s height 101perspective, the crown which is painted on the wall above and behind this beautiful statue appears to be sitting on Cinderella’s head! It’s a great picture if taken at the right angle.
3. Main Street Trolley Show and Dapper Dans
Each day, Main Street U.S.A. becomes the stage for great entertainment. Beginning at about 9 AM daily, you can be amazed at the acapella sound of the Dapper Dans! At about 9:15 AM daily, the “citizens” (or Main Street Performers as I call them) begin to invigorate the street with beautiful singing and dancing as they trolley up and down main street. My family knows all the songs and sings along. We never miss it.
2. Meet The Big Guy
What trip to Magic Kingdom would be complete without a visit with Mickey Mouse? Mickey can be found at the Town Square Theater each day. He will be in his rehearsal room waiting for you! As you wait in line, there are so many things to look at. DSCN3130Including different magic show objects. Here, there will be a PhotoPass photographer. If you purchased Memory Maker, her or she will take pictures and use your magic band to add them to your account. You are welcome to take pictures with your own camera as well. Fast Pass + is available for meeting Mickey. Scheduling your meet with the Big Guy can save you a lot of time!
1. Magic Kingdom Welcome Show
As my family and I approach the day of our next visit to Magic Kingdom, we always get 20140419_075202really excited at the idea of watching the opening show. Each morning, a few moments before park opening,  the citizens of Main Street, along with many fun friends entertain guests with a really exciting show. They sing, they dance, they guide everyone in counting down to open the park! This one is too good – I don’t want to share too much and spoil the excitement!  I WILL say, this is my number one “Don’t Miss” in Magic Kingdom!
DSCN3128                                   093
What experiences, rides, or attractions are your must do’s each trip?

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