Food and Wine Festival Specials 2015

Before you start reading this make sure you read it on a full stomach or have a few snacks next to you.. Finally we’re at Food and Wine, and let me tell you it’s worth the wait.


We started the Festival by making a list of the  top 25 items that we wanted to try, this helps a lot; as it gives us a guideline of what to eat. This was just for the food part of the festival the alcohol part was a separate animal, which we enjoyed just as much. We did the Festival over 5 days so I recommend doing it over a few days that way you get to enjoy everything you eat and drink, and a little hint go during the week, crowds are much smaller than the weekends.  There are many special events and demonstration’s during the entire Festival I recommend checking for the whole list, and make a plan. We decided to attend a few of them, following is a preview.

Both Saturday mornings we attended The Parisian Breakfast at Les Chefs de France. This was an all you can eat buffet including French Meats, Sandwiches and breads along with many other French items as well, cost was $35 per person and it also came with bottom less mimosa’s and French coffee. Plus you got to enter Epcot early and receive a free gift bag. 2015-09-26 08.53.38.jpg

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did the Festival Tasting Sampler Package.  What is this; you ask? It was new to the festival that year. It included 8 entitlements for food or beverage at any 1 of the 30 booths at the festival. Vip seating to Eat the Beat Concert at the 6:30pm showing. A limited release 20th anniversary Food and Wine pin.  The price for this was $59 per person, this is a must for any foodie. This was a great value, it included everything except beer flights. It’s a real  money maker.

2015-09-29 10.04.11-2

Friday Night we attended the Sparking IllumiNations Dessert Party. We noshed on desserts from around the world, Desserts were from about 15 different countries, this also include a rum punch and other alcoholic drinks. After enjoying all the treats  we had Vip front row seats for IlluminNations,  located right on the water where the bridge to France and England is,  this was a plus because this is our favorite nighttime Disney Show. Price for this was $49 per person, well worth the price!

Top 5 Food Items:

  1. Lamb Meatball- my favorite and this years King at the Feast
  2. Grilled Lamb Chop- was a close contender for first
  3. Kalua Pork Slider-  Tip: get extra Mayo, gives it a kick
  4. Braised Short Ribs in Cabernet- Melissa favorite you’ll be asking for seconds
  5. Grilled Beef Skewer-Tip: get extra sauce, made the dish




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